About Question Objects

Question Objects was formed in 2007 by Tim Antoniuk, professor of Furniture Design at the University of Alberta, and the previous co-owner/founder of the Hothouse Group of Companies. Passionate about studying and integrating everything from the most traditional to the advanced materials and manufacturing processes into his designs, after six years of working with internationally acclaimed companies such as Droog (Holland) and building a highly successful limited production craftsman-based business, Tim is expanding his offerings to the wider North American market once again.

Constantly questioning all aspects of our material and man-made world, how and why tastes and trends mutate over time, and how product stories are formed through the careful re/organization of subtle patterns and visual codes, the ultimate goal of Question is to express relevance in the images, materials and forms that we offer our clients. We hope you enjoy our products …


Care & Durability of Question Objects

Being a firm believer that an ever increasing number of consumers are losing interest in low priced, low quality, homogenized goods that are coming from off¬-shore manufacturers, we feel that it is worthy to note that every object that is produced by Question Objects is 100% made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with sustainably sourced and produced methods – As of December 1st we are proud to announce three significant changes to our product lines: Firstly, we are now using a highly environmentally sustainable oil/wax finish (which is imported from England) that is far more durable than lacquered finishes (which ‘sit on’ the surface of wood). This change, which not only enhances the environmental and heirloom-like quality of our products, actually improves the durability of our pieces through penetrating deep into the cellulous of our woods to harden and bond the fibers together. Secondly, we equally proud to say that are now building all of our drawer boxes with commercial grade ¾” thick CNC doweled material (instead of the more common ½” materials that tends to break over time). And thirdly, we are happy to announce that all of our cabinets are built with fully mitered corners (something that few manufacturers in the world will do anymore because of the costly nature of this manufacturing process).

CNC machined for pin-point accuracy, Question Objects is driven to supply the contemporary North American furniture market with only the most beautiful, durable and sustainably produced products possible – All items produced and shipped by us will come to you direct from our stunning 28,000 sq ft shop in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Edge-Bander-2 CNC-1 Hydrolic-Press-2

Custom Question Objects

Although Questions Objects are available in four standard materials/finishes (Black American Walnut, Maple, White Rift-Cut Oak or with a White Painted Finish), please know that custom materials and wood species are available – Contact us directly if you are interested in quotes